Adjustable Gastric Band

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What is it?

An adjustable gastric band is a medical tool that is used to treat obesity. The procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach by constricting it using a special adjustable band. The now smaller stomach gets fuller much faster, so the recipient eats significantly less while the band is in place. The adjustable gastric band is also referred to as LAGB or Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band.

Who is it for?

The adjustable gastric band is used to treat severe cases of obesity. It is not meant for everyone who wants to lose weight. If a patient’s body mass index (BMI) is more than 40, then they can consider getting surgery done to add a LAGB. During your consultation at Detroit Weight Loss Doc, our team can let you know if an adjustable gastric band is the right choice for your weight loss.

Before the procedure

A detailed physical examination with various diagnostic tests is required to evaluate the patient’s health and eligibility for the procedure. The surgery requires lifestyle changes. People who are not ready to change dietary habits are advised not to go ahead with this procedure. Smoking and certain medications should be stopped before the procedure.

The Procedure

The procedure to place an adjustable gastric band is done laparoscopically. The procedure is performed using general anesthesia and takes around half to an hour to one hour to complete. Several small incisions are made in the upper abdomen. The surgeon then inserts a laparoscope through the incision. The device has a camera that allows the surgeon to see the interior of the stomach.

The laparoscope is used to place the adjustable gastric band. There is a tube that connects the band with a port that is kept below the skin. The instrument is then removed, and the incisions closed.

After the procedure

The placement of the adjustable gastric band is an outpatient procedure and patients can return home the same day as their procedure. For a couple of weeks, the patient needs to follow a liquid diet. A different diet is prescribed for the months following the procedure which needs to be strictly followed. Regular follow-ups will be scheduled so the doctor can evaluate the progress of the treatment. Regular blood tests are needed to keep a check on the patient’s health.

Schedule a Consultation

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