Colon Surgery
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Colon surgery refers to any type of surgery performed to address health conditions relating to the colon. Dr. Sousa performs colon surgery in Detroit robotically or laparoscopically. These techniques are only minimally invasive and allow for a much more comfortable recovery period.

What Is Colon Surgery?

Colon surgery deals with the colon and its associated systems. It can treat a variety of serious conditions including colon and rectal cancer. It is also often performed to address more benign issues like bowel blockage or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Colon surgery involves small incisions and often requires removing only small parts of the colon. In some cases, it doesn’t involve the removal of parts of the colon and is instead used to simply clear it out or examine its condition more closely.

Am I a Good Candidate for Colon Surgery?

Any patient experiencing issues related to the colon may be in need of colon surgery. This can include patients who recently suffered accidents that caused injury to the colon and other related internal organs; wounds can lead to infections, which can then lead to more serious health issues.

Patients who are unable to evacuate their bowels for several days and are complaining about abdominal pain may also require colon surgery.

Your Colon Surgery Consultation

During a consultation with Dr. Nicholas Sousa, the patient will be asked a series of questions regarding their symptoms, general health, and medical history. During this time, the patient will be examined to determine the cause of their symptoms. Tests may be performed to diagnose the exact nature of the patient’s issues.

Once the condition has been diagnosed, Dr. Sousa will recommend the proper course of action. If a surgical solution is required, he will give the patient details regarding what the procedure will involve. They will also be given instructions regarding steps they must take prior to the procedure.

The Surgical Session

Patients are placed into a temporary unconscious state via general anesthesia before their colon surgery. Depending on what type of procedure is required, small incisions can be made either robotically or laparoscopically. The colon may then be inspected with a small camera or cleared of obstructions. Parts of the colon may be removed.

The surgery can last several hours depending on the severity of the problem. Once it is complete, the incisions are closed and the patient is allowed to rest and recover.

Colon Surgery Recovery

Colon surgeries are major procedures that can require a fair amount of downtime, depending on what was done. Patients who had large parts of their colon removed can expect a hospital stay that could last several weeks. Patients can also expect to only suck on ice cubes for a few days following the procedure.

Patients are advised to avoid putting pressure on the operative areas as much as possible. Solid foods will need to wait until after a full recovery as well. Medication for the pain and to fight infection will need to be taken.

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