Hiatal Hernia Repair
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Patients suffering from a hiatal hernia can benefit from a hiatal hernia repair in Detroit. This corrective procedure offers relief from hernia symptoms like heartburn, bloating, and discomfort.

How Does a Hiatal Hernia Repair Procedure Work?

A hiatal hernia occurs when a part of the stomach starts pushing itself into the small opening in the chest cavity where the chest and the abdomen are joined.

The goal of a hiatal hernia repair is to get the part of the stomach that is pushing through the small opening in the patient’s diaphragm back to its original position.

During the surgery, the herniated tissue is guided back into place. While this is happening, some improvements may also be made to the valve connecting the stomach and the esophagus.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Hiatal Hernia Repair?

In cases where patients are experiencing symptoms related to a hiatal hernia and a medication-based solution is insufficient, surgical repair is necessary.

Typically, if the issue has become severe enough that the stomach portion that has pushed through the small opening is causing blood flow problems, surgery would be required. Narrowing of the esophagus or serious inflammation can also necessitate surgery.

Your Consultation

Once the patient suspects that they may have a hiatal hernia, they will need to schedule a consultation immediately. During this consultation, they will be examined to diagnose whether they are experiencing a hiatal hernia or another medical issue.

Questions will be asked regarding the patient’s health, lifestyle, and symptoms. Tests like an upper endoscopy, an upper-digestive-system X-ray, and esophageal manometry may be performed.

If it is determined that the patient has a hiatal hernia, solutions will be discussed. If the hernia is not severe, medication may be prescribed to treat the symptoms. If surgery is necessary, the details of the procedure will be discussed, including preparation and the recovery process. Finally, a date will be set for the hiatal hernia repair surgery.

Your Hiatal Hernia Repair Session

At the start of a hiatal hernia repair procedure, the patient will be given general anesthesia to ensure that no pain is felt throughout the process. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, incisions will be made to access the hernia.

The stomach portion will be carefully pulled out of the opening that is currently trapping it and will then be restored to its proper position. The opening may also be reduced in size. Incisions will be closed with the help of surgical sutures.

Hiatal Hernia Repair Aftercare

Patients can expect a restricted diet during the recovery period following a hiatal hernia repair. A liquid or soft diet will be required for up to three weeks. Patients can also expect some minor discomfort during the recovery period, which can be addressed with pain-control medication as directed.

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